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By drayr - 2014-04-24 00:22:06 in Suggestion Box
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I think the addition of the chat input highlight (is it orange for everyone?) is a good thing, I would still appreciate the option to disable it, as I personally find it distracting. Not exactly a big deal, but there are others that share the same sentiment.

Thanks for all the hard work.
By drayr - 2014-03-15 20:46:56 in Suggestion Box
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Something I've been noticing lately in kolo that has been frustrating me a lot is the fact that it's not possible to stack ap or mp resi trophies against a team that has class to steal both ap and mp. The trophy system right now allows you to stack ap or mp resi by losing the other. This means against a team that has a xelor on it I can stack up some ap res trophies and get 100 or so resi vs most xelors having 120+ ap rape it saves me from being totally incapacitated. But when I fight a team, for...
By drayr - 2013-10-20 21:00:29 in Suggestion Box
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The black bars at the sides of the fullscreen client have been mentioned before. A lot. But a good specific use would be to move the chat box fully into those spaces, shifting the game screen over, sort of similar to how Facebook looks.

Having an option to do this, or having it be at least possible using the plugin system coming eventually, would really help clear up clutter in the game UI. Could also allow the use of multiple chat windows which can be assigned to different channels, what have you....