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AER-Dragon Knight Osamodas Lvl 105 Pandora
Greed Sram Lvl 63 Pandora
Masqueraids Masqueraider Lvl 60 Pandora
Time-Shifter Xelor Lvl 53 Pandora
Shyshade Rogue Lvl 48 Pandora
Voidling Masqueraider Lvl 46 Pandora
Invokers Howl Osamodas Lvl 42 Pandora
Hexto Foggernaut Lvl 40 Pandora
Nightingale Sram Lvl 20 Pandora

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The common thing people ask know a days is "Is single element a viable option?" hardcore wakfu players always respond with "YES!, if you aint single element then you suck!" Doesnt it bother you when you are paying in a group and theres a bunch of double/tri element people with under lvled gear and bad spell options. I will agree if you are a wealthy person in wakfu then hell, go tri element. But i thats not what this post is about, im here to tell you, yes single element is viable to a certain...
By dragons769 - 2014-11-28 23:55:28 in General Discussions
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Hey, Im wondering if anyone else cant log into the beta server.

This post is here cause beta forums are a wastland.
By dragons769 - 2014-11-25 18:38:56 in Sram
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is 100% Pure trap sram a viable approach? im comming from dofus and im just wondering.