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I love how ankama does random rollbacks just to f*ck me over.

We finally made a MP exo mage on our inky veil and just on that certain time and day i get f*cked in the ass by a unnecessary rollback without compensation or REASON.

Eratz had issues, so that's why Henual had to undergo a maintenance aswell? without a warning or nothing you decide to f*ck over your playerbase like that? I could send a thousand tickets but i probably won't get it back so thanks people at Ankama. Cheers -.-''
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This morning around 11:45 am I got a MP exo on my inky veil after 93 tries in total. Stats were as follows: 337 vit 70 int 34 wis 9 dmg 54 str 3 crit 9 9 9 1 range 1 mp. 

I don't have a screen of it... only a skype chat I could use as proof.
Someone, please tell me if there is a way to get it back... 

Thx in advance...
ign: Cow-Power.
Server: Henual