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Mountaintop Iop Lvl 199 Phaeris
Angran Pandawa Lvl 91 Phaeris
Jency Sadida Lvl 25 Phaeris
Mockingcat Ecaflip Lvl 7 Phaeris

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By douding1 - 2017-03-26 05:03:38 in Trade
1 628
Hi, everyone
This is Mountaintop. Since last time, Gunner helped me  a lot on Lyli Tstorng ring, I feel so appreaciation.
This time, I want to buy these two kinds of mats, they r sinuous daggar*1 N'  Monkey hair* 10.

If u could help me, i will be  very happy. Thanks again.
ID: Mountaintop 
By douding1 - 2017-02-09 14:10:18 in Trade
0 719
Hi there. This is Mountaintop.
Last time I bought the equ I need here. Thanks for the ppl who helped me (Gunner).
N' today I want to purchase the monkey dg manufacture helmet--------Bow Meoviator Helmet!!! If u desire to sell it,
plz contact me in the game. Appreciat it!
ID: Mountaiontop

ID: Mountaintop