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Activity on the dofus Forum

By dorkycrocar - 2016-12-18 14:36:11 in Rogue
4 1679
How is rogue in pvp ?

EDIT: also what build is best for pvp and what for pvm ?

i was thinking fire. but im noob
By dorkycrocar - 2016-12-14 22:36:19 in Huppermage
2 1052
how is hupper holding in kolo / pvp ?

What are good builds atm ?
By dorkycrocar - 2016-12-14 21:28:04 in Ecaflip
2 987
i was on break for some time.

I started building eca and i got advice :

full VIt on stats, %dmg gear and 11/6 AP-MP

Is this good bould ? how do you use it ? what is my priority spells ?