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By doppelgaenger - 2018-02-28 14:23:32 in Cra
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Used to have play as a level 200 pure wis/chance cra back in the day (5+ years) and had an absolute blast, was the only thing I could stick with and I knew the ins-n-outs of the build like the back of my hand.
I've come back recently to see that my favourite build seems to have been gutted. No gravity on atonement, having to choose between dispersing arrow (Elite tier spell) and that new gravity state spell seems awful as they are both such essential tools in a wis cras arsenal. The removal of lashing...
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Since water has become so tedious to collect (More so than most resources) owing to the scarcity of wells and our inability to purchase it from NPC's, a resource guardian type addition should be implemented. Would make collecting water from wells potentially much more rewarding.