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Good day people of dofus

I noticed that with the release of 2.54 they mentioned balancing for the classes. The problem right now is that I cant seem to find any notes of the balancing, but everything else mentioned is easy to find. Does anyone know if they even released the notes for this already?
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Good day, fellow player.

I've picked up rogue (int) about a day or 2 ago because I remember them being very fun and strong, but right now I have a problem. I have no idea how to properly play rogue, let alone in the early levels. I feel like I dont have enough range to properly set up bombs, my bombs are very squishy, and especially in solo, I just get stuck and then I can't place bombs at all. How am I supposed to do this?? Or should I just give up for now?

(just noticed its in the general class...