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Many who have played heroic server over the years have enjoyed great success and some very unfortunate events. It's a server that has never been very populated but its community was hardcore in every sense.
With the coming of the new heroic server many new and old players are very excited to feel that thrill they once experienced from Oto mustam.
But, I feel with the coming of new server , The devs have not focused on one major issue that many players had and these are not some small issues but some...
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Hello ,  My name is Charlie. ( not really , adopted this name during the early years of me playing here  because people couldn't say my real name  ) I started playing this game around my teens in 2010 and I loved it. It  was during that time for the first time I  made online friends and we did different dungeons , mobs , quest etc. Reaching 200 was a  goal that required a long and hard journey but it was fun because you did it with your guildies , friends. 

I was one of those people who...
By donmasa - 2016-12-05 11:17:02 in Suggestion Box
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This has been bothering me for some time but why the hell we don't have Soul stones of lvl 200 and 500 ? right now we can only make lvl 50 , 100, 150 and then bloody 1000.
It's like they were very lazy about it so they just quickly ended with that stuff.
what if i want to soul a mob which is bellow lvl 200 or lvl 500.
Also Making that lvl 1000 Soul stone is annoying as hell and it just doesn't make any sense tbh.
I bloody hope they work on this thing soon because i want level 200 or even a 500...