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can anyone tell me how the chameleon color works?
is there a guide that tells which part of my character's color will blend with the chameleon mount's color?
help is very much appreciated. thanks in advance!
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there are exciting talks bout the coming of the guild alliance system this month of june
i for one think that its a good thing since dofus will again deploy something novel to this game
however, wouldnt this guild alliance cause strong guilds to become stronger
would small weak guilds become weaker since higher level guilds wont even bother to ally with them?
would these stronger guilds who will ally themselves with other strong guilds dominate the mid level guilds?
this is just my hyphothesis since...
By dokitofrito - 2013-05-12 11:23:12 in Rushu
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so im planning on transferring server from rosal to rushu cause ive heard that its the most populated server and i like playing a game where there's a lot of players that i can always see
nevertheless, i still wanna ask what can i actaully expect from this server? is this server an english speaking server? how bout the economy? the people?