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Member since 2010-11-16


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-07-27


Lowl-Ranged Cra Lvl 150 Remington
Lowl-Tock Xelor Lvl 150 Remington
Lowl-Kamas Enutrof Lvl 150 Remington
Lowl-Dolls Sadida Lvl 133 Remington
Lowl-Stasis Foggernaut Lvl 101 Remington
Lowl-Slash Iop Lvl 95 Remington
Original Sacrier Lvl 61 Dathura
Cardmaster Ecaflip Lvl 59 Phaeris
Ilovelemons Rogue Lvl 1 Nox

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By dofuguy - 2012-12-20 14:35:45 in Technical Issues
9 2385
So I was updating my client and this message pops up

It may be because I am trying to update while the maintenance is still on, but I want to be sure about it.

NB: I play on Windows, using Windows 7

With all due respect, I would appreciate that someone takes a look at this problem. I am currently missing out double xp and the opening of the Dathura server, which makes me pretty sad

I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible

Haha I'm happy so many people have been looking at my post, here...
1 1132
Well I tried to listen to the newest Ankama on Air 44 but I couldn't access the webiste
(Click here)
Could someone fix the link?
The Ankama on air link on the dofus website works
(Click here)


PS: Writing "I had the same problem" wont help
8 3936
Hello fellow Wakfu players,

So I was reading through the the French forum and then I saw this interesting thread where players made rage comics and memes about Wakfu and I thought: We could also have one of these!
(Click here)
So if you have any funny meme or rage comic about Wakfu post it here and don't forget... its only for the laughs.

But please do not copy any meme or rage comic from the french forum, it would ruin the concept of this thread.

So let me start: