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I managed to go and try and find his problem just to SHOW you that the SUPPORT page is broken. If you are looking for a problem 80% of the time its not listed then when you do find your problem in the search function you follow the steps and there is SUPPOSED to be a send ticket at the end of each read isnt there ???? cause 90% of the time there is only a back button at the end of the ---FAQ--- cause thats all that @#$#@ support site is. I had a problem myself and had to use "No connection" and send...
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I am having the same issue on my accounts I can't get my brothers account active from f2p to p2p cause it doesnt even let me pay saying you have used a credit card in 24h bla bla when I never used a credit card on my brothers account yet . . . . . I tried sending a ticket but the support website gives you so many run arounds its not funny ................why not just implement a button or something to submit a ticket and pick a category of the problem at hand its not that hard. All I want to do is...