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By dizzyice - 2010-07-06 04:13:13 in Suggestion Box
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I've been having trouble with Gourlo lately. I do know how to kill this guy by having barrel(s) next to him. Somehow, this method hasn't been working for me.

I surrounded him with two barrels and two characters. Still, no weaknesses showing.

This is a bug problem, maybe. Please look unto it.

Edit: Thanks in advance!
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I've been using my laptop (Vista) with 4GB ram for more than a year. With that, I could play all four of my accounts on 1.29 (Rushu) and still able to browse the web. My Dofus windows are all maximized. I checked the RAM usage and PC usage gauges hit around 60%.

I wanted to try 2.0 and see how well my laptop works with it.

I made one character on each account on Zatoishwan server and still able all four of them. This time, I had my quality on low and made my windows / browsers smaller. My RAM usage...