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Hey guys, I know that the Devs know about this bug, as they have it listed here and here, but I was hoping we could get some transparency without the need to translate the mockery that Google gives us.

I am sure that the French have the same issue trying to decode English on their forums into French.

If you are attempting the fight solo, you will only recieve the singular debuff. But add another, that debuff gets added again. You will do extremely low amounts of damage (I'm talking 20pts of damage...
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I crawled out of the depths of Amakna when Primerib poofed back around. So I have been hiding in Reborn for the last few days, and been semi actively playing for the last week. 

I don't know many people, and only people who have been extremely long term players may recognize my name, and even then; may not remember who I am or was.

I don't know how long I am going to be subbed for, I have some small goals, but these have been goals for over a decade. I know that I heavily contributed to the early...
By discarder - 2016-01-22 14:18:10 in Problems and solutions
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Lately, well since the roll back my wife and I have been experiencing extremely weird lag and times that can almost be set by a watch. We are both using the exact same type of laptops, a singular wireless connection, and we are confident that it is not our ISP (as bad as they can be). During the weekdays is tends to happen between 10 and 10:20pm, lasts for about 20 minutes before quitting and during the weekends an hour later (11-11:20ish). It usually happens that we are in a fight of some sort,...