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Time to date myself.

I can remember when a Turquoise Dofus was an +11 to +20 crits, and you could either go find DP in a cave, before the dungeon was made; or you could fight SO in a clearing... again before a dungeon was made, or when the Crimson Dofus required you to fight a randomly spawning Minotoror around Scaras. Emerald Dofus was dropped against Vlad in his forest or his Dopple in Dopples. 
I was there when they moved DP, SO, and Minotoror into their own dungeons. I remember when Vulbis...
By discarder - 2022-12-27 20:15:16 in Suggestion Box
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I don't know about everyone; but I find myself using the Y key a lot to high-light the gatherable resources and to see if some resources are in the already gathered state or not. It makes it quick and easy, until the white border blends into the background.

I would request that we have some control over what color we can use for the high-lights much like we have control over the colors of our chats... when those aren't getting bworked with vanishing texts and underlines.

I am just looking for an...
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Hey guys, I know that the Devs know about this bug, as they have it listed here and here, but I was hoping we could get some transparency without the need to translate the mockery that Google gives us.

I am sure that the French have the same issue trying to decode English on their forums into French.

If you are attempting the fight solo, you will only recieve the singular debuff. But add another, that debuff gets added again. You will do extremely low amounts of damage (I'm talking 20pts of damage...