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By discarder - 2016-01-22 14:18:10 in Problems and solutions
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Lately, well since the roll back my wife and I have been experiencing extremely weird lag and times that can almost be set by a watch. We are both using the exact same type of laptops, a singular wireless connection, and we are confident that it is not our ISP (as bad as they can be). During the weekdays is tends to happen between 10 and 10:20pm, lasts for about 20 minutes before quitting and during the weekends an hour later (11-11:20ish). It usually happens that we are in a fight of some sort,...
By discarder - 2015-05-23 10:47:04 in Off Topic Discussion
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I have been playing Dofus for far too long, but I so enjoy the game. I have taken breaks that I never wanted because life got in the way. I have seen boons and banes for classes as the game has evolved. I have bitched, griped, and complained about ideologies and factions. I have gone head to head with some and lost; mainly because there really is no winning against these people. But I continued to play and break away. I continued to cope with the evolution of the game as it came.

But I want to get...
By discarder - 2014-07-18 22:41:54 in Markets of Solar
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As the post title & description says; I am rather bored and done with the whole breeding bit. I bred them for powerful stat scrolls, and all of them except the emerald & gingers are pure tree mounts. The emerald & gingers however are rather close to being pure tree'd. I am looking to sell all of them, all at one time.

So here's what the package is: 29 golden+emeralds, 17 plum+turquoise, 7 plums, 11 emeralds, 17 emerald+gingers, 14 plum+ivory +various breeding items

There are some...