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By dikkiedakkie - 2017-06-20 06:27:32 in Cra
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Hello all,

i need some help with my agi/str cra. Is it a good option to be helpfull in pvm? Or what other build suggestions do you recommend me? And is it possible to explain on wich things I need to focus? I have a habit in getting as high damaga possible. But I have a feeling I am forgetting important things. And can someone explain me How the crit system works? Is it usefull as a cra?

Thanks a lot advance

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Hello all,

Im back with some new questions. And I hope some of you can help me. I want to lvl the proffesion tailor as high as possible. And I got around 75mk that im willing to give out to it. Can you give me a sort of guideline? I have the money to buy all the mats.

Greetings linokukuran,
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Hello all,

Im a full str iop level 74 and i have some questions.
First how do the mounts work? if i want to buy a dragoturky in the bonta pet market i only see drago turky certificate`s.
This has a validity date so my money will be gone after that when i buyed one? or is there a way to expand the time of it.
And what would be the best choiche for a str iop? Cause i can`t see any stats on them.
Second what would be a good choice of equipment cause i have 75mk but i don`t know what to do with it.