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Member since 2014-10-19


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Last login: 2018-04-27


Eva-Lette Masqueraider Lvl 53 Remington
Gnu Osamodas Lvl 19 Phaeris

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By diddakoi - 2017-11-05 00:53:34 in Amakna
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Hi fellas and chickies,

I'm currently a level 44 Masq in search of a group or guild that is majority in Amakna as there is the odd dungeon I need to action on that nation and a few in Astrub. I can't do them alone so I thought I'd post here to gauge any interest.

I live in New Zealand so I appreciate time zones etc will impact things - but if anyone is able to help that would be awesome.

In game character is Eva-Lette.

Hi all, I'm still looking for a guild!
10 808
While working on my skills out in the fields of my nation I found myself with a mark above my head and a new status: Outlaw. Who knew that cutting a few trees down would make me a criminal of my nation?

After searching through the Wakfu Wiki and forum all I've found is that you can either do good deeds, get killed in PvP, or go to jail. But how? What deeds can I do? How do I get someone to kill me? Can I turn myself in?

I haven't been able to find any guides in doing any of this in order to redeem...