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As it is, /r and /t channels are based on your location. So if you say "/r Looking for a group" in Bonta, only people in Bonta and it's surroundings will 'hear' what you say.

My suggestion is that if someone uses the /r or /t chat, it will be 'heard' throughout Dofus. I hate that eerie feeling when I explore some unknown land and I don't see people talking in the /r and /t channels. Also, this will mean that I can now zaap sit at Koalak zaap and other "far" zaaps since the /r and /t channels can...
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Hello everyone, I need some help~

After a year and a half Dofus-free I've returned to the game and after subscribing my eni for a week I thought I'd run around Shika to see what's going on.


Maybe the time isn't perfect since other people are probably at school/work but Shika is a ghost town. In -2,0 there was nobody except 1 bot that spammed me until I 'ignored' it. I went to the merchant place where it used to be always full with merchants and I saw nothing, nobody, zero.
I headed over...
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Hello everyone! After a year of absence I'm keen on returning to Dofus but I have a slight problem. :/

When I quit, my brother transferred all my items on his account and sold everything. The problem is that his account is blocked by the Ankama shield and since he had registered it on a temporary email address, he cannot unblock the shield.

I've sent a ticket about this. I've provided support with;

-the username/password of the account
-the secret question/answer of the account
-the ticket number...