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Fago Sram Lvl 166 Nox
Elpreed Sacrier Lvl 165 Nox
Truty Pandawa Lvl 164 Nox
Izsabelle Cra Lvl 23 Nox
Iszabelle Huppermage Lvl 15 Remington
Ysalle Pandawa Lvl 8 Remington
Malodu Foggernaut Lvl 7 Remington
Aqueko Pandawa Lvl 6 Remington
Peligri Iop Lvl 6 Remington

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By dhnew - 2017-04-26 13:15:15 in General Discussions
1 669
Hey devs can you please adjust this dungeon or take a good look at its design. This place makes it nearly impossible to complete the quest to get 80 tokens. Or just change the quest to not require the completion of this place. I know this has been brought up before but what was the idea behind this place? An end game dungeon for lvl 70?
By dhnew - 2017-04-20 20:16:55 in Sacrier
1 1242
Im trying to figure out what tank to go with playing in a 3 man team. Right now I am playing Feca, Eni, Osa. I dont have any intentions of hitting end game tanking but more for playing through the game and leveling. Is Sac tanking decent enough for dungeons or would another tank be better to use. I know Feca is hailed as the supreme tank of all things but im more looking for alternatives.

By dhnew - 2015-11-19 18:13:11 in Sacrier
1 1522
A long long time ago I created a Sacier and I loved and enjoyed playing him as much as one can love a sac. I spent a lot of time trying out skills and testing things and decided earth was such a fun tree to use. Sadly earth dmg kinda sucks. Fast forward to today and I am attempting to make air/earth work.

I've been fire/earth for awhile and to be honest I don't like fire.

I was intrigued with the change to our passives and we got one that increases earth FD by 15%. You can imagine my excitement...