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In lord crow the challenge says: ''Allied fighters must finish their turn within 5 range or less of an enemy.''
This challenge fails on the most random things, alot of people tried to figure out what is causing the achievement to fail but we dont know exactly. Seems like people can do it if they do it solo but when you do it in a team there seems to be some kind of bugg.

The only way to currently bypass the bugg for those interested is to stay close to all enemies with the team. Hit them untill...
By dgjna - 2023-04-14 13:42:43 in Bug Reporting
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Since Tuesdays maintenance Pandas are having these throw buggs where you cant throw anything and karcham becomes 1 range. If you try to use other throw spells the game buggs out and you cant do anything and cant move and you are forced to pass and relog. If the forum lets me ill ttry to include screenshots. Can you pls fix this before the weekend. We cannot do any fights because of this.


Ok since I cant post a screenshot I will send a video link of my fight recordings. 

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Does anyone know how it is possible for some people to have different ogrine offers available when they open the kama and ogrine exchange? I was talking with someone from Chille on discord today about ogrine prices and we both send a screenshot from the market at the same time and we had completely different offers. My market was around 620-630 kamas per ogrine and his was over 700k ea. Im from the Netherlands and he is from Chille and we both play on Tal Kasha.

I always thought the kama...