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By dgjna - 2020-07-27 12:18:31 in Bug Reporting
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Since i dont see anyone else reported this I will put this here.

I noticed that in, kolo at least, poisons will stay after someone has died.
For example ebony poisons, ougi poisons etc. After killing them the poisons will stay and could kill you and switch the fight to a loss.

Pls, fix this.

By dgjna - 2020-07-22 11:43:19 in Bug Reporting
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Hello, since last weeks update there is a bugg where summons dont pass their turns.
I hoped it would be fixed with yesterdays maintenance but it hasnt so imma post it here in hope Ankama reads this.

I dont know if its everywhere but at least its happening in enurado. 
Both the Barrels from panda and Poutch from the Nidas dungeon dont pass their turns when they dont have something to do. Only when the barrels pull something and the poutch has to move they will pass. Otherwise they wont.

Pls fix...
By dgjna - 2019-02-19 14:27:52 in General Class Discussion
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I was wondering if Dofus is working on a new class. Its been over a year since we got the ouginak class. ( end of 2017? correct my if im wrong ) And I think its time for a new one.

I myself am on a break from dofus now but I would like to return when a new class comes to the game.


I am going to bump up this thread and see if any MOD might respond. Its been nearly 3 years since the last class has been released. I know Dofus is working on alot of things like they just released the pandala...