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Pandawa Lvl Omega 106 Echo
Crimson Warriors
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By dezira - 2012-08-28 13:20:12 in General Discussion
6 2131
So this is the end of my foruming life. Everyday after work I used to open the forums before Facebook and I used to spend a good amount of time reading posts, commenting etc. Now, it's all come down to the end.

What brought me to ending my foruming life? Simple. All the times is I tried to suggest cool features to the game and all the times is I tried to catch some Dev's attention because of a problem have all failed. On the Zenith forum, I have posted my concerns about certain classes etc. but...
By dezira - 2012-08-24 20:36:44 in Suggestion Box
7 1403
So I challenged my feca friend today. The fight started off by readying my summons and buffing them and he shielding up.

When we got close, he began throwing glyphs everywhere my summons were and funnily enough just sidestepped the glyphs even after they dodged the ap reduction.

He also began throwing glpyhs of repulsion and incredibly, my summons all of them from gobball to wyrmling, rushed to enter the glyph of blindness and got killed. Much like a sram's double activating traps.

This, stupidity,...
By dezira - 2012-08-23 18:32:14 in Enutrof
3 1592
So I opened a few SO souls the other day and we had a 191 enu on our team. This guy had like 600 wis or more, I don't remember but somewhere in that range. This guy is only 5 level higher than I am and he has double my wis. By the way, my wis is only 360. I got maybe 25 scrolled, the rest is gained from the ouga set I have and other equips.

I have a 5 man team.

186 enu (cha atm)
166 iop (str)
164 eni (int)
165 cra (agi/str)
135 osa (vit/int)

So I thought, if I need to hit, I got my iop and cra...