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After looking at the bestiary in-game, I couldn't help but notice that Prospecting increases your chances of catching the Lurgi and the Sarapox.

Despite how quick and easy it is for a person get rid of either one, I would like to know a few things:
Does Prospecting actually affect your chances of catching either one?If so:Is there a reason for Prospecting increasing your chances of catching a disease? (Why?) Will the Devs possibly change it to where it (the Lurgi and Sarapox) has a rate that stays...
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Is there a possibility of reducing their Water resistances (even a slight amount will help)? As a person who is on the last 20 levels of Hunter, I find this to be very disappointing with the Water Resists it currently has.

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I'm rather curious as to why it's in a dungeon that is recommended for level 50 people, even though it's a rare spawn as well as the fact that people would have to stumble into the pit.