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By dedehdalaje - 2017-05-28 17:35:57 in General Discussion
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So I was doing Mississitudes and got to the point I needed to beat Dantineal. After 3 thousand tries I managed to defeat her. When I talked to the NPC Lorn the Grawn I didn't know which option to choose so I chose the first (seemed logical, since after so much time trying to beat this dungeon I had no idea what the quest was about anymore). So I found out the terrible way that if you choose the wrong option you have to RE-DO the entire dungeon, seriously? Why on earth would you make it like that?...
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this is a not-so-important suggestion
I suggest you to review some books and maybe remake some of them
example: the book "path and trail: the damned forest" is very confusing and not useful
I tried for some hours to follow this book but end up finding dark vlad randomly
I don't know if there is a secret to solve to understand this book. But if it hasn't a secret to solve this book you could remake it making it a little more useful
People who don't like to use spoilers would appreciate ^^
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