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Hey there everyone!

Being away from Wakfu once again, I always get urges to come back and try out what's going on new in the world. Though considering this game has been out for quiet some time now I'm glad to see content and updates are still being made!

What's the player base like in its current state? Would be sad to see many once bustling areas be barren for a couple of exceptions here and there. 'Side form that, hope you're all having such a wonderfull day!
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It's been a long time since I last played Wakfu, but boy does it leave an impression on you. For me, it was the simple act of walking across all of Sufokia (If I remember the name correctly) hearing the subtle change in the music. I personally think this game has a beautiful soundtrack to it that sometimes goes unappreciated. 

What are your best memories that you have of this game? 
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So I happen to just come back to the game after a few months. I'm thinking of join a guild since I myself am kinda low lvl.Anyone willing to recruit a lvl 40 Osa?