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By deandoubleds - 2015-10-04 01:59:04 in Markets of Rushu
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Hello people of Rushu,

I am looking for an AP exo Tash ring as mentioned in the title. Pm me ingame on Fleekbrows and ask for an offer or offer me myself, but please show me the ring for stat purposes. Thank you in advance

Fleekbrows (ign)
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Hey, I'm looking to buy an EXO AP maged Solomonk with decent stats or a Moowolf hat with decent stats.

Add me in-game, Dooubleds, and chuck me an ankama email and I will get back to you or just PM me in-game if I happen to be on.

Please include your price and the item that you have and the stats that you perceive as "decent" and I will get back to you; or simply drop your in-game name here and I will try to get back to you when I an.

Thank you for your time!