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hello fellow players,
I am thinking of reviving my cha/wis cra, but i keep thinking is it a strong build now? So can you aswer me that? If its weak what other elements would you recomend?
Thank you in advance,
By dds-specz - 2015-09-12 18:04:22 in Iop
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Hello fellow dofus players,
today i come to you asking for help. Im a soon to be level 150 iop. I just became int/str from pure str. I would like to ask you for help on char points and set options. Atm getting SO and limbo wand voyager. Is this set good? And what set should i aim in like level 170-180? How should i distribute my char points?
thank you in advance
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I come her asking for help. I came back to the game recently and i cant seem to make kamas other then runing dopples everyday. I used to make kamas with 100 farmer/baker. but these days i dont see any worthwhile profits from 200 farmer. So i picked up miner/jeweller. My question is how do i make kamas out of these 2 profesions? or should i do something else?
Thank you in advance.