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Welcome to my drawing thread!
Here I'll have pictures of the characters I RP and maybe some comics.

My Drawing of Daxty will be up sometime today but be warned I don't usually color my drawings so expect that.

It's late but the hell with it... Here's Daxty in his RP aspect. Two words...Epic fail TT_TT

By daxtycat - 2011-07-04 09:56:27 in General Discussion
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I'm on Aermyne,a lvl 67 Ecaflip. When i try selling things the problem is there is a language barrier,when i first played the 2.0 client i was suggested Aermyne so I chose it, now I have some valuable stuff and a decent level, but the problem is i don't know Portuguese, which is at the moment filled with them.
Not only this but the english speakers are trolls,I see the server transfer option but the thing is i don't have ogrines and i can't really pay for them at the moment. I don't want to hear,"Move...