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This is the second time that happens to me, i subscribed using the SMS Zong method, my 2 euros from cellphone are gone, and this is what appeared after they stolen my moneys: "Your transaction could not be processed. Please contact Customer Support for further assistance.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your cooperation."
Obviously now im not subscribed despite i spent 2 euros.
subscribed at 11:35 (Italy time) 1 week subscription. i request my moneys back directly in my cellphone,...
By davidino - 2012-04-04 18:54:11 in Cra
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HI all, i ve decided to exp an Agi Cra in the same account of a Lv181 Iop Str... now, is it a good choice to do? or will i sorry for this in the future? ... i ve decide to make a team with my sacri ,enutrof, eniripsa and this new Cra but i dont know if it s convenient create a Cra in iop's same account... just want know if a iop is indispensable to face some dungeons or if i can replace him with an agi cra.. Ty for replyes and good game.