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I looking for a cha class that good for prospecting, i know the enu is a good class for that but is there any others that would be good.
as well i will do mostly soloing, and groups for the bigger dung and hunting.
By darknessinthedark - 2015-09-26 00:15:05 in Iop
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I decided to go with an iop as my next char, want str as my main stat, but would ago or int be a good second, and what would be a good set to use
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I haven't played in a good while and I don't know what class i wanna play, or what they have changed, so i figured i ask some current players about some advice.
I going to want a class that can solo mostly, and handle themselves, eventually i will make friends again and play with them.
I have a 160 int cra, but wanna try something different, just not sure whats good for soloing and what element to use as well.