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By darknecrosss - 2013-01-08 07:41:45 in Suggestions
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Just like in episode 7 of the wakfu series.... nuff said with that, but to explain a bit more about that area...

The general idea would be to create it as an island, on Amakna's side of the map, like Kelba.
Reason: previous episode is about Puddly village, following episode is about Xav the baker.

Name: Obecalp Village.

-Plains with some pastures for farmer and herbalist harvests,
-Areas with small patches of trees and a small area specially for Bworks separated by a fallen...
By darknecrosss - 2013-01-03 06:44:37 in General Discussions
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I checked wikia and the stage im stuck is the very first one "Go to Milkar the Moowolf's in Sadidia Kingdom to start the quest."

Where is the npc to start the quest? Can somebody upload a screenshot or anything?