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so, i have noticed something fishy in the kama exchange crap, when you go to *i want ogrines* tab and put an amount of kamas less than the price of ogrines, if it is equal 500 kama or more, you still get 1 ogrine, is that a bug or what?
i am just asking btw  
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hey there everybody, i used to play wakfu since its beta but then i lost my old accounts and took a break and came back and created new accounts since 2013 i think, i used to run events in wakfu as assassin's blade or kashan or shadowof-thepastivxi , but well, i got a little bit bored there and decided to come join dofus .
what servers do u guys recommend me and if there is anyone who can help me around here or run dungeons with me or even help me level up .
i know it is hard to join now since...