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Kashan Iop Lvl 186 Remington
Kashan'S Pistol Foggernaut Lvl 166 Remington
Assassin'S Portal Eliotrope Lvl 164 Remington
Kashan Protection Feca Lvl 159 Remington
Kashan Cure Eniripsa Lvl 154 Remington
Shadowy Shadow Eniripsa Lvl 23 Phaeris
Darky Shadow Cra Lvl 11 Phaeris

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as the title says, i am looking for someone to sell me materials to level up ALL my crafting proffs except for LDWM, i will just say a briefing here, pm me if you are interested....

so, what i mean by this is that i want packs for each profession, one pack at a time, you can take as long as you like in it (try not to exceed 1 week for each pack) and i will pay you as much as you want if i reached level 100 in that profession, if i didn't, and the items you gave me made me level 98 or so, i will...
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as the title said, i will make a class tier list according to some stuff, feel free to correct me if i am wrong
so, i will begin with classifying them according to damage in pve
fogger rogue iop masq xelor cra sram ecaflip enu huppermage osamados sadida panda sac enirpsa eliotrope fecanow, according to support (as for healing, armor, map control, ap, mp, etc)
enirpsa feca osa fogger sadida xelor cra ecaflip panda sacrier masq eliotrope sram enu huppermage rogue iop now, according to damage in...
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Hey peeps, kashan is back with more information about the auction and a hint for the next event!

You see, as i said a week before, the auction will be held at 4th of june at 9pm gmt (just like the hide and seek event) , but what i didn't say, was how would it go

I will be in my haven bag, waiting for people to come while preparing it for the auction, me and my assistant will sit in the craft gem, while all of you will sit in the garden gem among my flowers! Lucky you! XD

So, on exactly 9:10pm...