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Hi all,

I'd like to know what the opinions are regarding the state of the game of those of you who still play. I've not played the game for months now, actually it's been so long since I last seriously played the game that I totally forgot how long it's been! Which I find sad considering that I used to love this game so much that spending the $65 on subbing my three acounts totally worth it when I first discovered the game! Now I am hesitant to even spend the six dollars and ninety cent on a month's...
By danan - 2014-10-24 11:41:17 in General Discussion
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Hi all,

While waiting till I can get back online and maybe back into the game the urge to play has hit me recently.
I was thinking about the state Dofus now finds itself in and realized that it is not pretty. The reasons why I believe are simple to understand and if you put thought into them it becomes quite logical to have reached the conclusion I have. So with out further ado here are the reasons why I think the game is headed down the path to it's own demise.

1. The ever increasing difficulty...
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Hi all,

After reading the thread justice for insane dungeons I had a realization. By developing the difficulty of new game content around the capabilities of multis. Ankama has started down a path of making the game too difficult for anyone who doesn't multi for whatever reason, doesn't belong to a good guild, and doesn't have a bunch of friends that play. Which means those players would be better off quitting the game altogether as the only thing left for them to enjoy would be kros masters arena...