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By damian19911 - 2014-01-28 13:28:18 in Iop
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i am int iop 199 now i have 150 points in Inteligence and 440 in vitality its time for scrolls i want to scroll 3 charakteristic

Question 1 ) Should i scroll Vitality, Inteligence, Agilty or Vitality, Inteligence, Wisdom ??
Question 2 ) What is better Int iop(for dmg) or Str/Int(for dmg) iop or Int/agi iop (for dmg and heal) ??
Question 3) If i want to be Int iop how many points i should give in inteligence if i use scrolls ?

I know that is hard to say who is the strongest.

Kamas is...
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Hi i Have Lumberjack at level 100 and i can't cut holy bamboo wood in Air pandala

and fisherman at level 78 and i can't garthered Snappers. Is there any tips or tool for this ??

Thanks a lot for your answers