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How the heck do you guys deal with the second tier of the dungeon? First and third tier of the dungeon are almost the same diffculty and there´s almost no strategie necessary to win, but the second one...holy. Why is Rushu starting with 4 pa? Is this intentional? Is it a bug? :blink:
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They really need to do something with this mechanich, is TOO unfair. Depending on the case it´s like a " deal 1- infinite damage to a minion"... It´s absurd. And is easily an insta-win in most of the cases.I was loving this game but something like this makes it too frustrating.
Major Arachnee is the MOST unbalanced out of these type of cards...
By daarksiiders - 2016-12-14 06:07:11 in General Discussion
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I fell in love with this game, and from my perspective is a pretty solid game, so I really want it to become a big one in the market. So I was thinking and decided that the best way to do so, was to promote the game through influential people in the world of card games. Something like paying to the biggest streamers of Herthstone, for example people like Kripp or Trump, to play the game. 

Should Ankama do something like this? Is there a problem to the company by doing so?