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Aldovanda Sadida Lvl 21 Nox
Oxycotin Eniripsa Lvl 14 Nox
Dogpool Ecaflip Lvl 6 Remington
Loa Loa Foggernaut Lvl 2 Remington
Dracunculus Medinensis Huppermage Lvl 1 Nox

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To make thing short,

I want to bring back rogue's old runaway, and have it as a new passive. It's a fun passive and helps rogues get out of a jams but does comes with the not-to-often side effect of landing you onto a death panel.

I'd also want to old rogue's old smoke screen. It's super useful and the range debuff when you cast it was fair.

I love all the passive that Ankama given to rogues, with the exception of Rock. I don't know why rogues need that. I never seen a tank rogue. I'd just as...
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What would are your thought if Wakfu/Dofus had a Dante's Inferno type of world in the Shu-Shu dimension ? Each level could have it's own monster and bosses, which is unlocked depending on your level.
I see it like this:

Limbo: Current shu-shu placement with flaxhid and tormentor dungeon.

Lust: Area has demonic looking bellaphones and other "strange" looking monster. The boss could be shadowfang or something similar. The mechanic could involve the boss "charming" the players character into attacking...
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Just like the title of the topic, I just want to know who on Wakfu that inspires, humor or is one of the reasons why you are still playing. You don't have to give their names per say, but maybe a description of what they mean to you.

I have a few people on my mind but I think I would like to say, to those that I talk to alot on Wakfu. Thanks for putting up with my weirdness.

So, who are the people who mean something to you ?