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By cyberm0use - 2013-02-12 09:38:31 in Feca
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Is it worth leveling this over Natural Attack if you plan on just farming mobs in PvM?

Does it do respectable damage? Is it a safe and reliable spell before you get Burning Glyph?
By cyberm0use - 2012-04-22 17:11:51 in Sadida
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Hi, I'm pure STR Sadi with Bramble, Manifold and Sac Doll to rank 5.

I'm lvl 40 and have 10 free spell points to spend.
I don't have Staff Skill so what should I level?
I was thinking Soothing Bramble, The Block or Sylvan Power.

also what set should I get? I'm currently using Gobbal set.

I checked for Treechnid parts but the markets don't have them,
neither do they have Prespic parts. How should I gather my next set?
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Anyone else notice this?

When you start Dofus, there's no lag, but after a hour or so it starts to get jumpy, jiggy and laggy.
Loading maps takes longer, spell animations lag, opening windows take long, etc.

When you then restart Dofus, it runs normal and smooth again.
so I'm just wondering what the cause of this problem is.
It's annoying to keep restarting every hour.

I've read something about Adobe Air and memory leaks,
could someone fill me up on this?