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Whenever a Feca casts a glyph under me (mostly burning) i cant use any of my spells. At the start of my turn everything is grayed out and cant use any spell or close combat ability even though i have plenty of ap to use.
By cutemup - 2016-12-12 08:16:41 in General Discussion
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What is the name of that guild armor i see characters wear? seems like a cosmetic item that reps your guild colors. what is its proper name so i can wiki it? google yieled no answer.
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How do level 200s achieve 12ap/6mp without having to use a nekochief, mp/ap pet, or mp giving weapon? i've looked into the equipments regarding ap gain at lvl 200 and all say AP must be lower than 12.

all of this is ofcourse without the use of a set totaling 3 or more pieces.