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the worst bug i every seen in a game, thats a shame, as a developer i can believe you guys release a version with that kind of issue, every time i lvl up, all the skills return to lvl 1 and i have to restart the game every time, that's uncomfortable when you're lvling a new char.
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I have 4 characters in the game, and the lowest one is a sacro, the other ones have the bonus except that specific char, i don't know why, i want to play with him but he gets the poorest experience even with a good set, i even compare him with a 5th one and it's amusingly different the amount of experience he gets, i don't want to delete him and create another one cause he has also missions and works. Please help me to repair that bug.
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Im trying to understand if the flasks summoned by the eniripsa are affected by the stats of the char, like if i´m an intelligence char does the remedy flasks provide more cures or it depends on the spell level? and the same question for the damage of the toxic flask if i´m an agility char.