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If I'm quitting the game mid-match it's because I want to get rid of some glitch and be back in the match asap. Would I want to concede, I would hit the appropriate button. Can this be fixed?

At the very least there should be a big warning: HEY, BY LEAVING THE GAME NOW YOU'LL CONCEDE THE MATCH, OK?

​​​​Upd.: And while we're at it, why the hell the game suggests to sign out when connection is lost? What logic is behind this? "Maybe if I log into another account, the game will connect"?
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Hi there,

Was looking for a change and started playing the Sram deck listed here:

Thanks to the Infinite XP dismantling I was able to build it almost to the letter, though so far I use different Infinites actually (the Forgotten family plus Bakara, not Tofu). 

​​​​​​Doing well but feel I need some advice, even very basic one, like what cards to keep and what to mulligan at the...
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Hello there,

I have a Redmi 4 working on Android 6.0.1.MMB29M. Game version is
For about a week till now (so ~since 18.11.17) draft mode won't start on my mobile, game freezes instead.

WTR: open the game; press Draft button.
It results in a screen with only blue background and Friends/Cogwheel buttons in the top right (non-responsive). Trying to interact results in OS suggestion to close the app after a few moments.

It repeats every time and in every language I tried (sometimes similar...