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By couragous--wolf - 2019-11-07 16:55:53 in DOFUS Retro
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Been trying to find a English guild on Algathe but havent had luck yet. I moved to this server because of forums saying the english community was better over there but not finding much of anything sadly.
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Got my sadi up to 48 so she could have the three spells to be able to rat but having a hard time building a set or finding a website to help me build one. Any help with a set builder for retro or a link to a ratting set you've built would be awesome. On algathe so if your on that server and need some help lvling once i get this set working message me. Iced-Bramble
By couragous--wolf - 2019-10-15 08:28:25 in DOFUS Retro
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So I just started playing again and picked up the "Piwi?" quest in incarnam in Retro. I have the 6 wheat and 6 flax flower but it wont let me turn in the quest. Is there a reason that im missing for me to not be able to turn this in?