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I was looking to play on 1.29 but i am unable to log in. I subscribed my account but for some reason when i try to log in it says i don't have the right password.
By countrylove2 - 2014-12-15 03:51:55 in Solar
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Midnight Angels is a newish guild looking for friendly people to join us we accept any level to our family. something's we do will be listed below! We are also a proud member of Pride alliance =)


*Perc hunts

* Material Hunting/ Experience Hunts

* Kolosium matches

* and we help our members level up and other activities as well!

The the guild itself is level 30 at the moment and we would love to have you all join our small friendly active family if you would like to join please...
By countrylove2 - 2014-11-10 18:14:20 in Solar
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Okay so i may be coming to solar in a few days on one char on my account to talk with people and make new friends ill probably come on a 199 feca i was wondering is there any guilds that i could join if so that would be great c: