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I have several pets that aren't gaining stats properly. I have definitely checked to make sure that they are in Normal state (not Skinny or Obese), that I'm feeding them at appropriate intervals, that I'm feeding them the right foods, that they aren't maxed for the stat they're supposed to acquire, and that they don't just need more time to acquire stat increases. This has been going on since before the update that caused the massive server merge that created Echo and has continued after it.

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As a Sadida, I love Creature Mode. I summon things, and there are lots of them, and it's easy for me to just click a button and see at a glance what's a real enemy and what's a summon and what's a friendly and what's not. I click in and out of Creature Mode regularly during fights, and when there are a lot of things moving around on the field, I use it heavily. With the changes to the Sadida class (which I adore, by the way), I've found Creature Mode to be even more necessary in long fights, especially...
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Many, many people are having difficulty subscribing their legitimate accounts right now. This problem is fairly widespread in the U.S. I want to share an alternative that we found that may be of help to U.S. users who are having issues with Credit/Debit and PayPal subscription payments.

PaySafe Cards are not a viable option in our area, despite assurances that they can be purchased in the U.S.; Bank Transfers require subscribing 3 months at a time instead of 1 and (of course) require supplying...