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By cody5 - 2019-10-14 13:22:11 in Suggestions
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Current problems:
-taxes are paid in advance so market is risky
-you don't know what price to sell items at
-havenbags are hard to search for items on sale

Presenting my market rework suggestion:

Havenbag marketboards:
You can place havenbags on marked spaces in areas with the marketboard (which changes their apperance), this makes the marketboard list all items on sale in those havenbags.
If you select an item listed, it will activate a compass marker pointing you to the bag selling the item.
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Outlaw: If you reach -100 CP in any nation, you are considered an outlaw and any further illegal acts will instead of lowering your CP increase your "Bounty". While you are an outlaw your outlaw symbol get fancier the higher your bounty is, but if you get back to positive CP the outlaw mark will be hidden, but the guards can still attack you if they recognize you from the bounty board.
Guards: People with high CP can sign up as guards for a small fee, they have a bounty board with highest bounty...
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They just released a mini-rework for these classes on beta, what are your thought and oppinions?

Changelog is here