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Count Dawn Xelor Lvl 215 Rubilax
Transcendancer Masqueraider Lvl 157 Rubilax
Deus Hex Machina Foggernaut Lvl 131 Rubilax
Carbon D'Tin Enutrof Lvl 131 Rubilax
Annoying Dog Ouginak Lvl 129 Rubilax
Powders That Be Rogue Lvl 120 Rubilax
Egress Hopper Eliotrope Lvl 119 Rubilax
Mae Borowski Ecaflip Lvl 106 Rubilax
Maledictionary Eniripsa Lvl 93 Rubilax
Flash Pint Pandawa Lvl 78 Rubilax
Nemesis Vidia Sram Lvl 75 Rubilax
Thaum Tailor Feca Lvl 72 Rubilax
Soul Proprietor Osamodas Lvl 72 Rubilax
Richard Spender Huppermage Lvl 67 Rubilax
Othar Tryggvassen Iop Lvl 67 Rubilax

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By cody5 - 2023-05-29 10:39:42 in Suggestions
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So from the story we know that the artifacts we find in the temples were made by the gods:
Traverse compass - Feca - Ogrest cult lair
Excarnal scepter - Sram - Bwork temple
Ecaflip's paws - Ecaflip - (stolen by black crow)
Jumping gap jacks - Iop - Blackspore sanctuary
Woyal bow of pwodding - Cra - Wabbit temple
Individual Dimensional Synchroportal - Enutrof? - Enurado vault
Xelor's sandglass - Xelor - Temple of xelor
Draconic ocarina - Osamodas - Oktapodas temple

Now I know that sacrier and pandawa...
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I just find it a bit odd.

Also if you could pick, would you rather see your base costume or the whole costume you are wearing on your character select? Or keep it as is?
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Gamakna servers went down a while ago, the articles there are lost as far as i know (if anyone downloaded the I would love to have a copy).
Fortunately, I managed to save a lot of the art before it went down, so I'm posting it here for everyone to enjoy