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Member since 2010-05-20


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-06-20


Frostbyte Xelor Lvl 180 Remington
Amalgamotion Masqueraider Lvl 143 Remington
Carbon D'Tin Enutrof Lvl 122 Remington
Greater Dog Ouginak Lvl 119 Remington
Powders That Be Rogue Lvl 89 Remington
Mae Borowsky Ecaflip Lvl 84 Nox
Heterodyne Foggernaut Lvl 56 Phaeris
Nemesis Vidia Sram Lvl 53 Nox
Egress Hopper Eliotrope Lvl 52 Phaeris
Flash Pint Pandawa Lvl 52 Nox
Othar Tryggvassen Iop Lvl 39 Phaeris
Soul Proprietor Osamodas Lvl 36 Phaeris
Maledictionary Eniripsa Lvl 34 Nox
Mario Nettle Sadida Lvl 33 Phaeris
Parlesang Debleu Sacrier Lvl 31 Nox

Activity on the wakfu Forum

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They should really be enabled by default, points of interest especially should be enable when you start the game since it's the most important map tab for new players.
5 158
The game lags and becomes stuck on the timeline for a few seconds each time any enemy dies because of standing on the eliotrope wakfu trail
6 108
Solo: They are ok in my opinion, but it's weird that in certain cases the monsters you have to defeat are really strong for their level

Competition: Really good reward, but kinda counterintuitive since if all players get the minimum number of points they all get the first place reward meaning if you get more then the minimum you just make other players get less. I think this should be changed as at the moment they are more collaborative then the actual collaborative quests

Hunt: Good quest, but...