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By cloaked-out - 2022-05-19 05:09:43 in General Discussion
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So does this multiply the final damage of the spell or does it do less damage than that
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So yeah as part of the order of the Sharp Eye I got the title "Disciple of Silvosse."  Other than there being a statue of him in the tower sharp eye quarters and one paragraph on one of the wikis describing him as the protector of "Flovor"(of which I also cant find any info about), he's totally a mystery. I notice he's featured in three quests that I have yet to get to. If it's explained in these quests, wondering if anybody's down to give me a spoiler so I have more of a meaning to the title
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So I uninstalled everything deleted re-downloaded then reinstalled launcher and game but still having the issue. I read somewhere in one of the launcher sub-menus that there was a program that can be disabled that was causing crashes for some players and but I cant find the spot I read it or remember the name of the program. Any tips?