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sooo... as the title says. I'm baaaaaack and I have brought my 8 year old son along to play too now he's old enough.

Anyway that's not the point on the topic.

I have noticed A LOT has chanced in 7 years... but the main question I have is to do with the spells...

Whats changed? Do we not have to level them up anymore? Ive obviously noticed there is a lot more now which you get after 100. Are they all a set damage now and only increase with your characteristics?

Oh also... Echo is the new rushu...
By clarkymark - 2015-03-10 08:13:46 in Ecaflip
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well, I wanted to go for something that people don't usually go for so I am building an agi/int eca. (137 atm)

What equips are good for it. ive found the ceremonial rat set but what else is a good set? I could also do with sticking to 10/5 so I don't particularly want to get rid of my limbo wand at the moment unless someone knows a good alternative?
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Basically, this is a really small suggestion about the quest 'A Baton For Bworkonductor'

The quest is to collect the prespic set for him to wear (plus a wand)... so i was wondering once completed can we actually see him wear it. Kinda makes it pointless if he doesnt.

As I said, small suggestion but one that makes sense