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By chowderman - 2012-09-23 09:23:41 in Suggestions
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I made a post about this in another topic a long time ago, but I figure it's worth its own Suggestion topic, so here it is. I think that the current "ecological balance" system should be overhauled so that every place is a Real Ecosystem.

Let's review. As it stands, the current, system, is but a halfhearted parody of an actual ecosystem. Completely half-assed. You can beat up the wildlife and you can put it back. A couple of species have *** and repopulate on their own. Nothing meaningful...
By chowderman - 2012-08-08 01:23:55 in Suggestions
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Here's an idea a friend and I came up with yesterday. Basically, Ankama's been talking about implementing a quest to allow on-demand respecs pretty much ever since players started demanding on-demand respecs. Well, it seems like, with the patch's "talk to Jonk for a respec" thing we're halfway there. So here's what we came up with:

Go to the village and tell Jonk you want to reassign your stats. Jonk says, "Okay, but first you gotta prove you want it bad enough," and gives you an hour of real time...