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By [Izmar] - 2011-05-24 18:00:45 in General Discussion
88 16066
@skeena, use camstasia.
By DashPlay - 2011-05-07 12:19:22 in Pandawa
2 1610
im rocking fuji, kralomansion, gelano (switching it for omg shortly), anium ligature and a low turq on my panda.
Depending which gelano i use that equates to 10 ap , 5/6 mp, +5 range, and 1/2 everything .
Root well crits easily break 800 damage, sick axe crits for about 800 as well (the heal component is amazing on crits for this axe). Im pretty sure unless i can manage 1/2 all with the ap/mp i have in Episode 3 sets this is what ill be using for ever lol.
By Zarnal-Ahkna - 2011-03-17 14:20:09 in Pandawa
6 1722
Go for 10 ap anyway, so you can boozer and hang over 3x.Use pandatak as a secondary range spell and spam the crap out of boozer+pandinuras till your 14x.
When your in full moo that is when you should start using pandatak as your primary