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So I've recently come back to the game after a break, and have realised that the achievements for level milestones (100, 160, 180, 200 etc.) no longer have any XP or Kama reward.

I was just wondering if this was a bug or a strange change Ankama made, as all of them except the 100, 160 and 200 milestones are utterly useless now. I'd hate for everyone to lose that extra surge of XP after reaching a key milestone.
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Hi there.
I'm thinking of moving servers, and was wondering if Haven Bags - and their contents, including the chest - is transferred to the server you go to.
Thank you
By chaotichazz - 2015-07-18 17:00:01 in Osamodas
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So a revamp of the Osamodas class has been talked about and I'd like to put some of my ideas forward. Though I have never been an Osamodas myself, I have been in teams with them before.

My suggestion is regarding the summons they have. Currently, they have fixed creatures. However, I'm suggesting that as the Spell Level increases, the type of creature summoned changes as well. For example, the spell 'Summoning of Gobball' summons a Gobball levels 1-6. With my suggestion, this would change. From...